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Peace on Tacryria has reigned for a thousand years

Under the invisible hand of High Mage Insmith Crissing. But with peace comes a cost. The Five Nations have become fragile. Even Auverance, the most powerful of the Five, has grown weak and complacent. The people have lost their history, replaced by myths and fantastical stories.

Tacryria is ripe for the taking

Creatures from myth return to Tacryria, and with their arrival comes war. The first skirmishes with the mysterious invaders are disasters for the Five Kingdoms. The mages act openly for the first time in thousands of years as the talents of the world are brought back to the mountain keep of Krux Aev’then. King’s Hand Ters Versing manages to convince the King to accept the assistance from mages, but only after the war approaches. But questions remain. Who are these invaders? Where did they come from? And why now?

As war begins

Council Mage Forec is forced from the comforts of Krux Aev’then and into the world below, to protect people who he loathes and nations he cares nothing for. Ex-Ranger of Auverance Freedic must reconcile his hatred for the mages and his need to protect the innocent. And young Vyra must cope after her simple life in an isolated village is torn from her, and she is thrust into a cold world that is much bigger than she ever could have imagined.