James Thornton was born in Warwick, Rhode Island in the mid 90’s. A day he regrets greatly. At around age 10, severe anxiety and depression began to take root. From then on, life started to get difficult. His school attendance dropped until he missed almost half the days. In high school, it reached a pitch, and he dropped out.
After dropping out at 16, he began to work as a freelance programmer, but still felt a drive to continue his education. After a failed attempt at college, he returned to freelancing but struggled to find steady income. Rather than try to be an adult and find stable work, he began freelance writing during the lead up to 2016 Presidential Election, but politics only made him fall into a deeper depression. He found comfort in writing fantasy stories, some of which he’s hoping to share with readers.
When not writing, James is typically found still sitting at a computer, either playing games or reading. Rarely, he is seen outdoors, and generally with a golf club in his hand.